Analysis Reality Interface (A.R.I.)

Analysis Reality Interface or A.R.I. was one of the many proud designs by the computer science division of Cluastrum Dynamics.


Modifier: +5/ +3/ +1
Ranges: 20/40/80
Strength: 1
Size: 2
Cost: 4

Modifiers: The users Wits + Investigation + equipment modifier bonus according to the range used by the operator.

Ranges: The numbers are short/medium/long ranges in yards. Modifiers are applied according to the range used.

Strength: The minimum Strength needed to use the equipment effectively. If a person has less Strength than the required Strength, then they suffer a -1 penalty.

Size: 1= Can be hidden in hand, 2= Can be hidden in coat, 3= Cannot be hidden on one’s person.

Cost: The minimum dots required in the Resources Merit to purchase this item.


The Analysis Reality Interface (A.R.I.) designed by Claustrum Dynamics computer science division, is a state of the art virtual crime scene analysis tool. Initially it was contracted out to the F.B.I. for the purposes of investigating crime scenes of high value criminal investigations. The system is a state of the art virtual environment for the professional investigator. The A.R.I. evening includes a virtual office software pack that comes with several themes, including a Mars landscape for the space geek in all of us. Only a few were ever made back in 2010. Consisting of a single biometric glove and state of the art virtual reality pair of sunglasses. On the left stem of the glasses a small button turns the unit on. The right stem has a A.R.I. logo.

Now in 2066 the Analysis Reality Interface unit has been upgraded and modified to have a sleeker more professional design, with a top-notch processor and graphics chip embedded into the system. Making it more capable to analysis more evidence at faster speeds. Enabling law enforcement investigators to analysis DNA in mere minutes. Therefore catching criminals at a faster rate.

ARI’s virtual office has also been upgraded to include over 100 themes and places from around the globe and beyond. But it’s most exciting feature for it’s virtual office pack is that you can now scan in your own locales to use as office themes. Now you can take your home with you!

Currently Arabella St. John owns one of the original units made in 2010.

Analysis Reality Interface (A.R.I.)

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