Dagger of the Dark Hand

The dagger of the Dark Hand, a weapon held in high esteem by it's agents.

weapon (melee)

Damage: 2 (L)
Size: 2
Cost: N/A
Special: 9 again rule (WoD, pg. 134)


This black vicious dagger is crafted from black steel and tempered bone dyed in blood and black ink, by the Kindred of the Dark Hand. All it’s agents carry one as a symbol of honor, as a ritual tool, or an assassins weapon when doing work for the order. It’s cruel looking blade is made as much to intimidate as it is made to cause extreme pain.

It is an unspoken law within the order, that the blade is never to be used for reasons outside the order or for mundane purposes. There are whispered tales within the Dark Hand, of agents being made to face the sun because they used their dagger to assassinate targets not given by the order itself.

Dagger of the Dark Hand

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