Libre de Mano Obscura

An ancient hand written manuscript of the history and occult practices of the Dark Hand.


The book is ancient and must be taken care of. It was written by Marcus Whelan in a coded language. The manuscript itself it a historical account of the Dark Hand and their occult and magickal practices and rituals. The book is beautifully written and many would probably die to get their hands on it, if not for it’s value. Then for the secrets it holds within.

If the Dark Hand knows of it’s existence then they must be desperate to locate and obtain it and silence anyone who has read it’s pages. If they do not, then woe to the fool who lets this book come to the light of the public.

Within the coded pages, Whelan describes several rituals performed by the members of the Dark Hand for various levels of initiation. He also goes into detail countless assassinations committed throughout history and the Dark Hand’s involvement. Countless mortals and Kindred alike fell by the blades of the Hand. Kings, Queens, Princes, Bishops, Politicians, and many others murdered to further the order’s agendas. The Majority of the book reveals these sorts of secrets.

Later on Marcus goes one to talk about an ancient and forgotten discipline of the Kindred. One that the Dark Hand have kept secret for centuries. Only those within the Hands most inner circle even know this vampiric power. He then goes on to speak of the power itself.

A power that allows the vampire not only the ability to communicate with the spirits of the dead. But also at greater mastery of the discipline, it allows vampire and spirit to become one. He goes into detail the a vampire who masters this power can gain access to the land of Shadows in his physical form to avoid the dangers of the mortal world.

He does warn that this power is not without it’s own dangers, but that the benefits are far reaching and powerful on the condition that the Discipline remain largely unknown among the kindred.

Libre de Mano Obscura

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