The journals of Marcus Whelan

A stack of leather bound journals hand written by Marcus Whelan


These books are the journals of Marcus Whelan. Contained within are entries dating back as far as the early 1500’s. A good portion of the collection of books is now in possession of Arabella St. John.


The entries within these journals detail the life of Marcus Whelan, a scholar, historian, and a vampire. He writes about a life long lost in which he basked in the sun and studied with some of the worlds greatest minds. He speaks of the man he calls sire. Although some entries seem to contradict. In some, Whelan claims to have been embraced by none other than Sir Francis Drake. In others he calls his sire by the name of Joseph.

Some chapters detail Marcus’s travels with two other men, Ignacio Moretti, a vampire of Spanish/Italian heritage. The second man remains unnamed in most of Whelan’s journals.

His journals detail a love for not only history but for occult societies, Golden Dawn, Freemasons, ect. He makes mention of various rituals and ceremonies, specials places to him around the world that hold occult and spiritual meaning. He speaks of his travels and even goes into length about his time in Egypt and India.

Only once within these journals does he mention a group he only calls the Dark Hand, a secret society so hidden that his journals are the only written records of it’s existence. Within the few entries regarding the Dark Hand, he mentions blood rituals and magicks so dark that they make Crowley seem like a child at play.

Time marches forward and Marcus continues to write his life’s story. His part in the American Civil War, World War I & II, one particular section of pages discusses his time in the Vatican during the time of Kennedy’s assassination. During the 80’s he spent time in London, England as a professor of Anthropology at the University of Cambridge. This being his third time there as a professor, his first was that as a student.

In the mid 90’s he moves to London, Ontario and settles there as the professor of Ancient histories and Cultures. He mentions he has been sent here by an OLD friend, and that Moretti has also been asked to move to London. Whelan writes that his friend claims that London will have some historical significance in the years to come to their kind.

He also becomes interested in a piece of land just outside of London with an old Manor home on the property. His research into the place discovers that it was the home of an Arthur Bertrand. Marcus later learns that Mr. Bertrand was a fanatic of the occult. Holding seances for friends and family there at the house. Whelan’s interest in the house begins to grow over time.

In the early 2000’s he begins to write about a woman. His entries begins to be the musings of this woman. He writes a number of poems that he dedicates to her. He talks about he watches her from a distance. In 2009 he writes of a day in which he is giving a lecture and he pauses as he catches sight of her twelve rows back from the front. He excuses himself as the blood begins to rush and his thoughts become foggy with hunger.

A short time later he writes of how Moretti to has met a girl at a local club. He soon finds out that both he and his brother are after the same woman.

Another entry and he has learned her name, Arabella. He begins to plan out how he shall meet her. He thinks this lady is wrong for his brother, and he writes about how he feels love for her and he would like to share eternity with her. Teach her all that he knows, all the secrets of the universe.

The journals go on to talk about his time with her after her embrace. He speaks of how wonderful she is and how perfect of a historian she is. He wonders if his old friend knew of Arabella. He wonders how much of everything that has transpired in recent years has been the doing of his old friend….

During his final known entry Marcus talks of the keys and the virus. He has attempted to kill the love of his life. His brother now long dead. Within the last few sentences he wonders if his old friend or the dark hand will find him first. And he wonders if either will introduce him to final death.

The journals of Marcus Whelan

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