Dead Arts

The Lords of London
Into the Mist


London, Ontario: A fog rolls and slithers out of the river Thames,
slowly, creeping through Harris Park with a life of its own. A man and a woman in passionate embrace
on a park bench look up for a moment as the fog crawls around them. Within the fog they hear the
sound of children’s laughter combined with the chittering of a thousand beetles clicking and clacking
their mandibles. The lovers look around in fear. The man stands up only to trip on some invisible vine.
The laughter increases, “Roger, are you ok” the woman whimpers. A sudden moisture covers the
woman. She slowly raises her hands to her face to touch it and pulling it away, seeing the thick red fluid
covering her hands and face. She begins to run through the fog covered park.

Frantically making her way towards Ridout St. with the sound of the clicking laughter. Just another yard
or so and she will be on the street with plenty of light. Suddenly she feels a sharp sting on her arms and
legs, blood trickles down. She screams and pushes herself harder through the park, trying not to trip.
The woman suddenly runs into an oak tree knocking herself down. The fog slows to a crawl and swirls
about her, she looks up “Please God, no I don’t want to die” she cries as three Silhouettes appear in the
fog directly in front of her. Three girls about the age of five are standing there in white dresses. Their
dresses swirl with the fog….wait they are the fog. The woman’s eyes go wide as the three girls smile at
her with pitch black eyes. “No way, no fuckin way” the woman yells and gets up at a run. She hears the
laughter all around her and catches glimpses of the girls off to her side at times. Suddenly the tree line
breaks and she is on the street. She looks back briefly and see’s the three girls sneering at her from the
shadow of the trees, but not daring to step into the street lights.

“Megan” Roger is there on the street, not a single scratch on him. “Are you alright, Megan” he calls
to her. She turns startled and see’s Roger standing no more than twenty-feet away, looking like he
did before all of this happened as if none of it had phased him. “Damn it, Roger, where were you? I
thought you…” she begins to sob and runs to him as he holds his arms wide to hold her. “I thought you
were dead, I saw you fall into that fog and then you never came back up, and I was covered in blood. I
thought it was yours”. He shushes her and holds her tight. The scent of blood and earth is strong around
them. “Roger let’s get out of here” she says in alarm, but he holds her fast, “All the leaves are yellow,

All the grass is brown. All the nights are longer, Sun goes down” he whispers to her and Megan pulls her
head back, “Roger what are you” she cuts herself off as she stares into her lovers pitch black eyes. He
Smiles at her, “Crows are in the branches, wolves are in the wild. Others in the shadows” he whispers as
the laughter starts up around them and Megan notices that the street is covered in fog, and with terror
she realizes her mistake. “Goodbye, child” he says and smiles.

As the fog continues to slither and creep along the streets of London, all that is heard of Megan is a
sharp scream in the night followed by children’s laughter and then all is quiet again.


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