Tag: Safyne


  • Dagger of the Dark Hand

    This black vicious dagger is crafted from black steel and tempered bone dyed in blood and black ink, by the Kindred of the Dark Hand. All it's agents carry one as a symbol of honor, as a ritual tool, or an assassins weapon when doing work for the order. …

  • Safyne's Katana and throwing blades

    These two blades made of folded steel, are of a more modern style and have served Safyne for many years. They have both tasted blood much like their wielder. God help the man or woman who finds themselves at the edge of one of these blades.

  • Safyne's dual .40 S&W

    As deadly with these two guns as she is with her Katana and Wakizashi. The guns are crafted for peek performance and maximum impact. Many a mortal and supernatural have had their flesh shredded by the munitions from these guns.