Core Rules


  • Strength + Weaponry roll for hand to hand combat; Dexterity + Firearms roll if firing a stake from a device; Dexterity + Athletics roll for thrown attack. All rolls involving the staking of a vampire are at a -3 penalty to dice pool, and an exceptional success is required in order for the stake to pierce the heart. (p. 176 of VtR)


  • Player describes method in which his or her character wishes to feed, the Storyteller then determines which dice pool applies, and make the roll.
Modifiers for Feeding:
  • +2 Feeding from animal or some other source of Vitae that poses less risk than living prey (such as a blood bank.)
  • +2 Character hunts in the Rack or some other place where vessels are both plentiful and comparatively willing.
  • Vessels are neither especially numerous nor reckless with whom they share their company.
  • -2 The character takes efforts to hide his identity from other Kindred (whether present or through secondhand accounts).
  • -2 The characters hunt in the Barrens or some other place where vessels are scarce or particularly suspicious of others.
  • -3 to -5 The character seeks a very specific vessel, such as “brunette women less than 40 years old” or “children of Eastern European descent.”


  • Dodge doubles Defense but characters action is dedicated to dodging for that turn. Character can do nothing else except dodge and move up to his speed trait. No attacks can be made. Dodging does not apply to incoming firearms attacks unless staged within close combat range, which is 1 or 2 yards.
  • If multiple attacks are directed towards your character, your dodge total is reduced by -1 for each attack after the first.
  • If your character announces a dodge late in a turn, and he has been the target of attacks and his Defense has been applied against those attacks his Dodge total is reduced by 1 for each attack that has been made before he announced Dodge for any following attacks.
  • As with Defense you can spend a Willpower point to add 2 to your characters Dodge against a single attack. This does not apply to the whole turn.
  • when drawing a weapon, meaning pulling or sheathing, or otherwise preparing a weapon takes one action.
  • If weapon is hidden the character also loses their Defense for the turn.
  • Quick Draw Merit (p.113) allows your character to draw and attack in the same turn.
  • Brawling Dodge and weaponry Dodge Merits may not be used in the same turn.


  • Only one willpower point can be spent per turn no matter how it’s used.
  • If you have already rolled for an action it is too late to spend a willpower point.
  • A point of willpower can be spent to gain a +3 modifier on a roll during a turn. Only one dice pool can be affected per turn.
  • Storyteller can determine that some rolls cannot be modified in this way.
  • Willpower cannot be spent on a Degeneration roll.
  • Willpower point can be spent to add a +2 to a characters Stamina, Resolve, Composure or Defense to resist mental or social/emotional pressures asserted on him or to make a concerted effort to avoid being harmed.
  • Willpower Dots cannot be raised above the sum of your Resolve and Composure dots.
  • In order to raise Willpower the player must raise the characters Resolve or Composure Dots.
  • If at any point a characters Willpower Dots drop below the total of their Resolve + Composure dots, Willpower Dots may be purchased with 8 experience points per dot.
  • Kindred characters must sacrifice a Willpower Dot in order to sire a childe.
  • Kindred can turn off the blurring effect for a scene by spending a Willpower point.
  • Kindred can also spend a Willpower point to allow your image to remain intact on media such as video tapes, photographs and digital film footage for a number of days equal to 11 – the Kindred’s Blood Potency.
  • Kindred may spend a Willpower Dot for their image to permanently remain clear on photos or video.


  • Kindred must spend one point of vitae any time they wish to wake up.
  • Kindred can spend a point of vitae to bring on the “Blush of Life”. In addition if a character wishes to consume food and not vomit it back up right away, they must spend an additional point of Vitae. Both expenditures are reflexive.
  • Kindred can summon their vitae to enhance their muscular power, speed, and agility, or ability to withstand harm. For each Vitae the player expends, he adds two dice to one Physical dice pool. One based on Strength, Dexterity, or Stamina. This boost last for one turn and is a reflexive action.
  • Kindred can spend Vitae to heal damage. In one turn, a vampire character can expend one Vitae to heal two Health points lost to bashing damage. Lethal damage heals less easily, in a turn, a vampire can expend one Vitae to heal one Health point lost to lethal damage. The action is reflexive. Aggravated damage presents much greater difficulties. Each Health point lost to aggravated damage cost five Vitae, and the process takes two nights per health point.
  • Kindred can also use Vitae to fuel their Disciplines.

Core Rules

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