SEPTEMBER 15th,2009
TIME: 1:15 A.M.

“In the world we live in there is theft, murder, rape, war. Politicians put laws into affect that often times do nothing for the people and almost always hurts them, and why? So they may serve their own selfish needs….or the needs of someone more greedy. The media feeds us fear and anger by the gallons everyday. Fear your neighbor, fear your friends, hate your family, and hate yourself. Yet we go on about our daily lives as if nothing were wrong. We get up at 6 a.m., we kiss our wife gently while she sleeps….we drive through the traffic choked streets of Wherever, inhaling fumes from the very machines we depend on. We fight over who gets in that lane or this one, we fight to see if we make it through the light. We may or may not stop to get gas, for ourselves and for our cars. Cup of coffee and a bagel, healthy….yea right.

We finally make it to work, it’s the same struggle all over, we fight to see who makes it through the doors first, into the elevator, forget the fact that the buzzer is going off because it’s at maximum capacity.

We finally make it to our floor and we hurriedly walk to our cubicle, spilling coffee on our self along the way. Same old cubicle, with the same old computer, phone, filing cabinet, it’s always the same. We work our required allotment of time, sometimes if we’re feeling especially drained we will forgo coming home to our wife in time for dinner just to work an extra hour or four.

The same thing everyday, and what do we get on our off time? FEAR…fear your weight, fear your age, fix yourself, fix your wife, buy a new car, a new house, procreate to bring more children of Fear into the world.

Yet behind all of this…this fear, and anger. Beneath these fume infested, choked streets, and behind the cubicles, behind the daily grind of our very boring lives. What do we get kids? We get a bigger, darker, more putrid load of the same fear. “Fight Club” ain’t got shit on us! A world where monsters live. Where the underground fighting rings you hear about have ten foot beast. A place where the very words Fear and Hate can be made manifest into a killing blow, uttered from blood stained lips.

A world where a man and woman become slaves to their blood thirsty children….And that’s no metaphor people. A world where corporations not only control governments, but ARE governments, pulling our strings like the puppets we are. A place where a soul is raped of all it’s humanity. If it was even human to begin with. Where a man is so consumed by rage that it affects the very nature of what he becomes.

Did anyone notice the man in the elevator who wasn’t there? He wasn’t there again today, I hope tomorrow he goes away. This is the world we live in….this is what we created and what we must now suffer. A place of pain, of despair and fear…..A World of Darkness.

So what do we do about it?"…..END TRANSMISSION.

Dead Arts

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