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Panic on the streets of London



The Wicker Man strikes again. No folks this is not the 1973 cult classic horror film that was remade in 2006. This is a horror that stalks our London streets. There is panic on the streets of London tonight, Canada. Over the past two months the number of kidnappings and murders have led police on a wild goose chase. With only his call sign left at the scenes of his gruesome crimes. His sign? A small wicker doll dressed in the doll sized version of his victims clothes. Police are asking any who may have information or have witnessed anything suspicious to please come forward…..But if it’s one thing for sure, London, Ontario has become a quiet city….a city of fear… as this killer has police baffled. He will take anyone…. man, woman or child, and of any age. So London, lock your doors, check your windows and keep your children close, for the Wicker Man is out there. This is Stephanie Mathers, Channel 9 News._


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