Dead Arts

The St. Andrews Inferno


This morning at around 3:30a.m. tragedy struck the St. Andrews hospital in London, Ontario as an explosion went off causing a chain reaction. Authorities are investigating the fire to determine if it was an accident or an attack from some madman. 57 years ago a similar fire took place at this hospital claiming 107 lives and millions of dollars in property damage. Police are following all possible leads. One man was seen coming out of the fire as emergency personnel drove him off to a nearby clinic. Shortly after the man disappeared from the CentraCare clinic. Police are currently looking for this man for questioning and as a possible suspect in the St. Andrews fire.

If anyone has any leads as to the identity or whereabouts of this man please contact local authorities.

A sketched drawing of Wess Daniels is displayed on the news and in the local newspapers.


Whelan0kkult Whelan0kkult

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