Dead Arts

No safe haven for the wicked and unclean

or Wess Daniels, the Disgraced Effigy.

As the sun begins to set, appetites begin to rise and dark hearts stir with un-living breath. In the aftermath of an inferno, ashes fall upon a city in turmoil. The voice of hundreds call out in agony and despair, and those with the notion to listen hear one thing…..Wess Daniels must pay.

As events unfold surrounding Daniels actions of the previous evening, everything begins to spiral down to a closed and final conclusion, and there are none who can anticipate what is to come.

Lady Eudora Hope and her Primogen enlist the cooperation of Arabella’s network of contacts and Safyne and the Carthian hit squads. Together, a city wide manhunt was organized and mobilized for one purpose. The capture and judgement of Wess Daniels for crimes against Kindred and Kine alike.

Meanwhile Arabella spends sometime within the arms of the charming professor. Intrigued by his conversation. Arabella, with a single candied kiss brings to bare the Spirits Touch, and learns a startling truth of the past.

Meanwhile Wess Daniels makes his escape from the clutches of the Invictus with the aid of his fellow Gangrel brothers. As words and bullets ring out into the early evening hours. Wess and Sam speed off into the wilderness of the Canadian mountains. His thoughts drawn inward as he struggles with his own inner beast and demons. Wess finds himself at a crossroads, in which he must make a decision to either flee London forever or face the Princes judgement. His brothers now brought into the fray and now under the scrutiny of the ruling Kindred. Wess bows down to the inevitable force that hunts him and decides that enough bloodshed has been spilled on his account. On his way back to the city along with Sam and Rick, they are intercepted by Safyne and the Carthians. A brief exchange of words are made as the Gangrel relent and are escorted back to Elysium.

Meanwhile at Elysium alliances are being struck and loyalties are being questioned and cemented. Decisions made by Prince and council, the three witches of the Circle are brought in and taken to other parts, to play out the parts in the Princes design to finally be rid of the covenant she so detest.

As Wess arrives at Elysium with his escorts, emotions running high even among the dead, he is put through a trial of harsh words and even harsher choices. Yet the worst of his punishments is yet to reveal itself. During the proceedings he loses his ownership of the Bertrand Manor and surrounding property to none other than Arabella St. John. A punishment for the loss of physical property of the city’s hospital, and a design of the Ordo Dracul’s ultimate control.

Next his partnership within the multi-national corporation, Claustrum Dynamics is relinquished over to Safyne, for the loss of financial gain she lost in the inferno of the St. Andrew tragedy.

Within a quiet moment of respet, Daniels looks to be through the worst of it, that could not be farther from the truth. For Lady Eudora’s final and most personal judgement has yet to be meted out. Her most precious of joys was taken from her as a personal attack to her. Although Wess was merely a tool in this whole scheme it is he who must answer for killing the Princes final living descendant among mortal kind. As the revelation stuns the gathering she announces that her final judgement must be taken to parts unknown.

Not long after the congregation arrives at a warehouse in the industrial district of the city. Once everyone is escorted in, it is only then that Lady Hope’s final punishment brought upon Wess Daniels is made clear. For the death of Dr. Stanton and hundreds of others, Wess is brought before the great pit to watch as his coven sisters are shackled down within. Drained of all but the slightest amounts of vitae to be kept weak, the three whimper and cry for mercy as Daniels is forced to watch as the Dawn rises slowly above the horizon. Shafts of light begin to peek in through windows and rusted rooftop, and slowly the pit begins to fill with that most feared light. Flesh begins to burn and turn to ash and screams echo throughout the district and in a single and finite moment the eldest of the three, seared beyond recognition lets out one final cursed moan and explodes in a violent whirlwind of ash and flame, destroying and consuming the other two….Then silence.

Coffins provided for all in attendance of the solar execution, for within the daylight hours the dead must rest, regardless of pain or relief.

At sundown Arabella and Safyne begin to stir. Awakened once more to continue their own Dansce Macabre’s, they go about their evening. A date is set and Arabella is whisked off to the place where it all began.

Meeting once more with the charming and mysterious professor, new knowledge is brought to the fore with the slip of the tongue. Appearances are dropped and the stage is set, as an ancient voice is heard, given testimony to mythological events surrounding Arabella’s own destiny. The truth of things to come revealed in but a few sentences, forgotten gifts to be learned to the deserving. Arabella’s greatest secret is that a living god walks the streets of London, pulling and plucking the strings of all Kindred.

Elsewhere Safyne, with the aide of her beloved Scott Holmes and her trusted ghoul Dr. Edmond Asher, make plans to form an Institution that could serve all Kindred in the aftermath of the St. Andrews tragedy. An Institution where blood is paid in Blood.

And so boys and girls, the Requiem of these unquiet souls continues. Find your seats and quiet down. Intermission is over and the lights have gone down on a stage that looks very much like a city. London, Ontario is a city in it’s own right, and in these nights and those to come, it is making a name for itself in the greater scheme of cities. This is our stage and we must pay it tribute through the roles we play as lovers, criminals, soldiers, Princes, victims, gods…….

and monsters.



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